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Get accurate insights from text data, quickly and without bias

Our advanced AI-powered approach combines the deep insight of qualitative questioning with the robust analysis of quantitative methods to deliver accurate insights.

Improve Performance and Explore
Trends With No Commitment

With our flexible approach, you get insights from your text data without subscribing to any service

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How it works

Natural language understanding transforms open-ended data into an easy to understand dataset that reveals
the relative importance of words and phrases and their strength of association based on language context.

Survey Data (Qualitative or Quantitative)

Existing text

Web text

Actionable insights

See the bigger picture with Text Science

Don’t settle for a one-dimensional or biased snapshot of your data. Our NLP-powered platform helps you
uncover the robust insights in text data that you can’t find elsewhere.



Product reviews

Qualitative sessions

Social media


Drivers Analysis

packaged goods

Unleash The Power Of AI On Your Open-Ended Data


There is no additional machine training requiring additional data from you which means we are ready to work on your project immediately

No bias

Not having to rely on a platform “trained” in your data means your analyses will not carry forward any biases found in your old data

Language agnostic

Our solution is flexible in the languages that can be analyzed allowing you to apply this process to your global datasets

No commitment

We are not a subscription service. Additionally, we can audit the data you want to explore to see if we are a good fit allowing you to understand what you will get before you sign the dotted line

Upgrade Your Insights Generation

Our Text Science ™ solution will provide you with the insights needed to take your business to the next level.

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