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Big Changes in Fall as Student Loans are Reimbursed

Fall Returns with Student Loan Reimbursement on the Horizon

In my household Fall hits like a natural disaster. September 1st comes, and my wife has pumpkins on the porch, pumpkin beer in the fridge, and pumpkin pie in the oven. Fall brings the return of football season and kids going back to school. Fall means cooler weather and more cooking inside. And now, Fall means Biden’s student loan forgiveness. Like it or not, it will influence consumer behavior. Just like the weather and Sunday football.

Biden Student Loan Forgiveness

August 24th, the Biden administration announced that they would be forgiving student loans for people who make less than $125K and couples who make less than $250K. Each person could receive up to $10K in relief, or $20K if they received Pell Grants. With Biden forgiving student loans, your customers may have more money in their pockets this fall.

How many people will have loans forgiven?

If all borrowers claim their relief, The White House reports that 43 million people will receive forgiveness on their student loans and 20 million people with completely eliminate their student loan debt. A huge population of people is about to receive economic relief.

When can you apply for forgiveness?

People will be able to apply for student loan forgiveness as soon as October, which means this segment of people will feel their pockets fully reloaded right in time for holiday shopping this year. What will they be spending on?

Football Season Returns

Football season impacts consumers every year. On Sunday, we buy beer and cook something that sits on the stove all day. I already know I’m making chili for this first week of football. People go out to bars to watch the game. Consumers may be purchasing items like chips and salsa, ready-made dips at the supermarket, chicken wings, and, of course, beer, for Sunday Football.

Every Sunday, for the next 18 weeks, is already planned out for some people. In a study done by Statista, they found that 24% of 35–44-year-olds will watch Sunday Night Football every week. Bud Light has targeted these folks in the past by putting their favorite football team on the can. Michelob Ultra, which happens to be my go-to beer on the back nine, has put little dimples, like on golf balls, all over the can. Can something as simple as this get someone to switch from their favorite beer to a new option? How can you make your product more desirable this time of year?

Kids are Back in school

In Fall, we rejoice as we send our little ones back to school. It’s nice to have them home for the summer, don’t get me wrong, but for parents all around the country, it can be a relief when they head back for that first day.

Are you marketing toward kids or their parents?

Back-to-school shopping is already over as most kids have returned to school at this point. A lot of kids bring lunch to school. What I remember about the school cafeteria was kids trading their snacks. Some kids would take multiple fruit rollups from home so that they could trade them for something else at lunch. One kid would buy packs of gum at the candy store and sell gum by the piece.

But beyond the black market of the elementary school cafeteria, how are products being marketed for kids going back to school? And what about their parents? A fruit snack with all their favorite Cocomelon characters might test better with kids than it does with parents, who may be more inclined to buy a snack that makes them feel like they’re giving their kid something healthy. How is your product being marketed to this two-sided population?

Fall Weather Returns

Grocery store trips start looking a lot different after Labor Day. Grilling season is coming to an end and families are pulling out their Dutch Ovens and Crockpots. Pumpkin spice creamer, pie crusts, and even Halloween candy are starting to be put out onto the shelves. Seasonal items for the Fall and the Winter can start being addressed as we head into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Seasonal Sales

Every month until January, stores will be cycling through seasonal items. What makes one product stand out more than the next? Why does one person pick the skeleton over the scarecrow? Or the gas leaf blower over the electric one? The weather cycle is the same every year but testing the market each year to determine trends will give a product the best chance to survive being taken to market.

What Does This Mean for Your Product or Service?

It could mean anything. That’s why staying ahead of the game with your market research is important throughout the year. Keeping tabs on your product and how it will be affected by different seasons and events will help you market to the right people.

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