Your customers are your lifeblood. Do you know how to Engage and Persuade them effectively?

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Check out the key takeaways below, and download the full report for more insights:Enthusiasm over a physical return to work has abated.

How to affect positive change: Navigating buying a new solution


Imagine you are at work and what is clear to you is that there is a better way for things to be done, but you are either lacking the confidence to be the agent of change or you are not sure how you should communicate the opportunity within your organization.

In this video Luminoso’s John Giannopoulos and Marketing Analysts’ Bob Clark join Satoshi Asari to help you understand what your leaders need in order to be persuaded to make the changes you’ve identified.




0:00 Introductions and experience

3:04 The Journey

7:54 Step 1: Define the pain

10:08 Step 2: Identify the opportunity

12:25 Step 3: Seek alignment

16:03 Step 4: Identify solutions

18:50 Step 5: Build the pitch

21:18 Key Point: Identify and assess key stakeholders (whose jobs are to say YES versus NO)

24:57 Miller Hyman sales philosophy to help you influence change in your organization

27:44 MEDDICC sales criteria to help you efficiently navigate a sales cycle

28:54 Summary

Reliable Data + Tailored Strategy = Success

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