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The Role of Deinfluencing in Social Media

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The role of social media in 2023 and beyond is an exponentially growing landscape. We have seen the explosion of social media marketing with brands building an entire customer base just using social media, the expansion of influencer marketing, and now, deinfluencer marketing. Social media marketing strategies are quick moving and constantly changing.

Trends come and go quickly on the internet. The instant access to information and the capability of sharing it simultaneously means faster news cycles and what was news yesterday is history today. The exchange of information is instantaneous compared to TV or Radio advertising that moves in ripples compared to a viral post on the internet.

What Does “Deinfluencing” in Social Media Mean?

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Occasionally, while lying in bed with my wife, endlessly scrolling next to each other, she’ll say, “hey, you know what I really need?” And I’ll inevitably make the same old joke, “I don’t think you understand what the word need means.” Some influencer she follows will have showcased a product that she now needs. I joke that it’s my wife doing this but she’s not the one who was convinced to buy a golf swing trainer that would take 5 strokes off her game.

We’ve all been there. That’s why advertising is a multibillion-dollar industry. They know exactly what to say so you feel like they are speaking directly to you. That’s the bread and butter of an influencer. They build a relationship with their followers and develop trust. Instead of asking your friends what car seat you should buy now, you go to your favorite influencer.

Have you ever bought a product because it was advertised to you and quickly realized it wasn’t quite what you expected? Well, that’s how everyone is starting to feel.

The newest trend we see is “deinfluencing.” Over the past few years, the growth of internet influencers has grown tremendously. Social media influencers are people who have built a following of people who trust their opinions on a social media platform within a niche community.

For example, one niche community of influencers is parenting influencers. These folks will talk about their family life, raising children, feeding their family, and anything else going on in their life to entertain and educate their community or tribe.

They will then secure brand deals with companies to advertise their products to their community. Maybe it will be a car seat or a special bassinet, but whatever it is, is something the company is paying them to tell you that it is worth buying. Sometimes influencers will only work with brands that they believe in. And sometimes they will do anything for a buck.

But that is the game of advertising. The Superbowl is a great example of this. As long as you have the money, you can get an ad. Blackberry and Radioshack were both able to secure Superbowl ads the year before they went bankrupt. Even though the companies were doing terribly, Fox didn’t care.

How do Influencers Influence?

By building a connection. The biggest difference between advertising on a TV ad and advertising with a social media influencer is that the people watching the influencer have a connection to the person. So, when they tell you that the car seat that is twice the price of the one you were going to get is worth it, you might trust them.


The problem is, over the past few years, people have been listening to these people and while I’m sure some of the products they are advertising are good products, there are sure to be some that aren’t. The rise of deinfluencers is taking over the internet.

Deinfluencers review all the trending products on social media and tell you whether they are actually worth buying. They will post “anti-hauls” to tell you about products they bought that you shouldn’t buy. They are disruptors in the community, looking to provide a beacon of truth or reality to those of us who are easily persuaded.

Marketing with Influencers and Deinfluencers

Deinfluencers, are warning you of the products not to buy while also providing you with an alternative. “Don’t buy this product, buy this one instead.” This trend, while helpful to some people looking for information on products they need, is in an effort to build trust with followers.

They are providing an avenue of advertising that not only tells the customer base to buy your product but to buy your product instead of the competitors’. With the right influencer, your brand can build the ultimate trust with the customers.

Ultimately, influencer or deinfluencer, if your product is worthwhile, an influencer should want to use it and share it with their following. They will continue to build trust with followers by recommending good products and not bad products. That’s why picking the RIGHT influencer to advertise with is important because pairing your product with someone untrustworthy could mark you and your product as a gimmick.

The Role of Social Media Marketing in 2023

Marketing with influencers is an important part of any brand marketing strategy in 2023. Selecting the right group of influencers to market your product can be the difference between building and breaking trust with consumers.

The right influencer can showcase your product in a way that lets people see how it affects a real person’s life. Market with the wrong person who is recommending every product from every Tom, Dick, and Sally, and it does nothing for your brand.

Social Media Marketing needs to be taken seriously to work effectively. Curating the right group of people to talk about your product can be a huge advantage to your brand. At Marketing Analysts, our team of market research professionals is well-versed in the latest trends and has the experience and knowledge to help you. By leveraging our market research capabilities and customized solutions, we can identify the most suitable branding and communication strategy ensuring that your brand message reaches and resonates with your target audience.

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