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Five Social Media Giants and How Marketing is Becoming Interactive

If I told you that the first social media website was called Six Degrees, you’d look at me like I had six heads. 1997 was the year of this first social media network, quickly followed by some names you may remember, Friendster in 2001, LinkedIn in 2002, and MySpace in 2003. By 2006 MySpace was the most visited site on the internet. Finally, Facebook was created in 2008 and social media has continued to evolve since. New variants sprouting like mushrooms and established platforms appealing to increasingly divergent audiences. The truth is that today’s social media landscape is an increasingly complex environment.

Instagram is an ever-changing app that is a looking glass into modern marketing. Scroll on Instagram for 20 minutes and you’ll not only see paid advertisements, but also, businesses advertising their products on their own pages, influencers showcasing products, and every recipe you’ll ever need with the ingredients listed and brands tagged.

While Instagram originally favored photography content, recently it has been emphasizing short-form video content with Reels and Stories. Recognizing that you must adapt as the platform evolves will keep a product relevant.

There are roughly 1 billion active monthly users and over two-thirds of users are 34 or younger. How can you underestimate the power of social media?


TikTok is associated with younger generations, but it’s demographics are almost evenly split among generations ages 10-50.

While TikTok focuses on posts meant for entertainment, it also runs ads – partly why its valued at $50 billion. Posting promotion after promotion won’t work on this app but building a connection with followers through entertaining videos can help you promote your brand organically.

TikTok announced a partnership with Shopify last summer, so at some point the app could offer options to purchase directly from the app. Think back to the 90’s when you handed your 12-year-old a Toys R Us catalog and he circled what he wanted for Christmas, now he’ll have the ability to click and purchase without needing you!


Facebook, tallies 2.82 billion users per day and over 70% of U.S. adults use Facebook. Having a presence on Facebook is important for the generations who only have the one social media app. Younger generations are steering away from Facebook now, as their parents have now infiltrated the system.

Facebook can be a helpful tool specifically for small businesses. You can talk to groups and communities of people from your area or with a shared interest.

Facebook can be used similarly to Instagram, and you can even share the same content on both platforms. Polarizing, exciting, and eye-catching posts or videos can do well on Facebook. Something that gets people talking about your product. Is any publicity good publicity though?


Twitter is one application that hasn’t had as many sweeping changes as other social media. A few years ago, they attempted to add a story feature, but ended up canning it to add Twitter Spaces, a place for you to have live discussions with your followers, and even allow them to join in the conversation.

Almost 40% of Twitter users fall between the ages of 25-34 years old. Twitter is a place where the written word continues to thrive. A baker can post a thread offering 5 tips on baking chocolate chip cookies and draw you in as a follower. Twitter offers the ability to break news or disseminate information to followers and potential consumers.


Sometimes, you don’t even think of YouTube as a social media app. When you sit down and get sucked into a YouTube blackhole, any user will find himself eventually become subjugated to someone advertising something.

YouTube is best for long-form content. Influencers with large audiences can upload branded content advertising your product. YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet. 80% of parents say that their kids watch YouTube videos. Putting your product on your channel or through someone else’s, gives people the opportunity to watch your product be used and talked about.

Interactive Marketing

Delivering a precise message to a to a particular audience has always been the point of marketing. Social media apps give you the opportunity to tailor a message to a very specific segment. Marketing has become interactive to the point of talking directly with individual consumers through influencers. The impact of influencers cannot be ignored but the message is everything.

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