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Introducing Pathfinder

MAi Research would like to introduce Pathfinder Analytics!

Too many solutions and research firms remain very good at answering the questions related to the who, what, when, where, and how. However, they often fail to answer the most important question: the why.

Pathfinder Analytics provides an approach to finding the why by harnessing the latest in machine learning, pattern recognition, and natural language processing coupled with a unique skill set in applying and interpreting results according to business needs. Specifically, Pathfinder’s focus is on four critical components:

Discover the thoughts, feelings, and motivations that define the connections and associations people have with categories and brands – or even a specific stimulus such as a concept, communication, or a product;

Find what actually drives brand predisposition, choice in the moment of truth, and ongoing loyalty by integrating the rational, emotional, and personal closeness dimensions;

Identify precise and actionable definitions of the most important brand targets that can be influenced by messaging and media;

Build simulators to explore what-if scenarios across branding, packaging, and pricing alternatives prior to high-risk in-store testing;

These techniques are applicable to all forms of data, regardless of who collects it or where it is sourced; whether it be from surveys collected by MAi Research, other suppliers, or your own platform – from call centers, focus groups, or social media.

MAi Research will continue to deliver the customer service, storytelling, custom research design, fieldwork and all other services you expect from us. Both MAi and its clients are made stronger in applying this expertise in statistical models and other quantitative techniques, specifically with innovations in text analytics (Pathfinder Text Analytics), Bayesian modeling (Pathfinder Networks), segmentation, driver analytics, and world-class simulators.

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to sharing specific information about exciting research initiatives to address the new and emerging needs of an ever-evolving marketplace!

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