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Market Research Trends 2022

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‘Twas the end of Q4, when all through the store,
Consumers ran wild, looking to buy more.
The products were tested with the utmost care,
In hopes that the customers would buy their fair share.
We’ve listened to feedback whether on Instagram or Amazon
And provide research broad enough to be inclusive of everyone.
With the quickest results and the most intuitive AI,
MAi Research is the one for your research supply.

The end-of-year rush is here as 2022 is coming to a close. So, I leave you with a midnight poem and the 5 market research trends we saw in 2022. Market research continues to evolve with changes in mindsets and improvements in technology. What changed this year will tell us how to be better next year.

Aligning Brands

Sustainability and recycling embedded in people

Younger generations are expecting more from the brands they buy from. They want to know that the company’s values are aligned with their own. Sustainability is a buzzword in 2022, but it’s because it is important to customers. It’s not enough to not hurt the environment, because consumers want to know that the businesses are being proactive to improve their community and their environment.

Inclusive Research

It has become more and more evident over the past few years that research needs to be broad enough to include everyone in the target market. This means conducting adequate research to include all genders, races, and socioeconomic classes that are part of the target market.

Inclusive research doesn’t mean that we must include every type of person who has ever existed in every research study. It means going out of your way to reach the people who aren’t easily accessed using internet surveys. The researcher is responsible for increasing the diversity of the research pool.

Mobile Surveys

People completing mobile survey

In our research studies, 55% of respondents are completing our surveys on a mobile device. How does that change the surveys? First, surveys need to be designed for the phone meaning the user interface needs to be easy to use and navigate. Second, surveys need to be shorter to keep the attention of the respondent.

People spend as much as a third of their waking hours on the phone but are constantly switching between apps. Long and cumbersome surveys can be off-putting to some respondents and could result in them not completing surveys.

Social Listening

Social media has provided an entirely new marketplace of information for brands. Consumers are freely, providing feedback on Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook without having to formally participate in research. Customers want to have the ear of the companies they buy from, and reviews feel like the closest thing to that as reviews become more and more prevalent.

Reviews are not the end-all-be-all of market research and cannot replace excellent market research, but they have a place and shouldn’t be ignored. Reviews allow businesses to communicate with their customers by responding to their negative complaints, as well as identify aspects of their products that their customers enjoy that had not been discovered in product testing.

Fast and Actionable Research

It’s not about just providing a bunch of data and numbers. Companies are looking for fast turnaround times on market research with actionable steps. MAi Research provides a holistic research platform in which we provide end-to-end research. In 2022, people want their jobs to be made easier. This means providing insights AND action steps for a company to make quick decisions. This continuity of care of the research provides the best and quickest results as our team is with you through the whole research process.

More and more companies are trying out DIY in-house research to get cheaper and faster results. Market research is not just a survey. Providing education to our business partners is of the utmost importance to help them understand how we make their job so much easier.

To provide faster research AI can be used to quickly organize and identify patterns in the data. MAi Research is powered by our own Pathfinder Analytics, an intuitive artificial intelligence tool we use alongside our team. Fast results are easy. Fast and accurate results are provided not only with AI, but by a team of people with experience in research and the marketplace to help businesses make the best decisions.

Artificial intelligence is a tool used by people, not a tool to replace people. In 2022 we saw an increase in technology that will grow exponentially over the coming years. What will not change is the need for smart and intuitive people to put that AI to use.

The world continues to grow with the people in it. What is new this year will be commonplace next year. These trends are not fashion trends that will disappear next season. Falling behind in these ideas could result in a limitation of growth. MAi Research continues to evolve and push boundaries to make sure we never fall behind.

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