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MAi Research is constantly adapting to meet the client’s needs. Our goal is to make the research understandable, useful, and insightful. This means our clients will be able to take away direct action from our insights. See what we have been doing with THC beverages, product testing, and review research to be better partners with our clients.

dominoes fallingIs Product Testing a Risk?

No, of course, product testing isn’t a risk. It has a cost and could potentially cost a company more money in the short term but will always save money in the long term. Putting a product out on the market without having any idea how it will perform… now, that, is a risk.

Friends drink cannabis beveragesNavigating The High Tides of THC Beverages

The THC beverage market has been growing astronomically since the recreational legalization in states throughout this country. How to maneuver a company’s brand to make room for these beverages could be tricky but the overall sentiment consumers feel for THC has improved greatly. MAi Research is able to provide insights into Brand Extendibility and see how these products could affect the brand, positively or negatively.

AI Generated Artwork based on MAi Research websitePsychology of a Reviewer

Reviews are essential and freely provided data that are directly from consumers using a product. Underutilizing this free data is a waste of information. Reviewers can ramp up product sales or drop them into oblivion. Learn to understand who is reviewing your products and how you can improve the product to be better suited for your customers.

Every week, we tackle a new business issue, research technique, or emerging market and address how MAi Research is working to make our clients’ lives easier. If you’d like to talk to someone about how we can help you enter these markets or just have general questions about MAi Research, set up a meeting below with Robert Clark, Managing Partner, and he can provide you with insight on how MAi Research can serve you.

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