Your customers are your lifeblood. Do you know how to Engage and Persuade them effectively?

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Pathfinder Analytics

To influence and engage, you must understand
why people make the choices they make.

Pathfinder Analytics provides an approach to finding “the why” inherent in marketing questions by harnessing the latest in machine learning, pattern recognition, and natural language processing.



Finding the why may require collecting new data or it could be hiding within data you already have.

Through this innovative and intimate look at customer decision-making, you can discover how to engage and influence your customers to make choices that benefit your business.

Specifically, Pathfinder’s focus is on four critical components:


Pathfinder Text Science

How people think and feel about categories and brands is the core of engagement.

Designed to discover the connections and associations people have with categories and brands – or even a specific stimulus such as a concept, communication, or a product.


Driver Pathways

Drivers analysis must account for the indirect pathways to choice to be truly actionable.

Utilizes Bayesian Networks, machine learning, and various analytics techniques, integrating rational, emotional, and personal closeness dimensions to find what actually drives choice.


Actionable Segmentation

Identifying key targets and what motivates their decisions ensures they choose your brand.

Approach to segmentation from survey design to analytics that allows for identification of precise and actionable brand targets that are able to be influenced by messaging and media.


Dynamic Simulators

Making the final launch decision is tough – and expensive to fix once you are in market.

Custom-built simulators, paired with our expertise in sales forecasting, allow you to explore what-if scenarios across branding, packaging, and pricing alternatives across distribution scenarios and marketing spends.

Reliable Data + Tailored Strategy = Success

Unlock critical insights to increase your competitive advantage.