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Researchers and analysts are familiar with the concept of “using numbers to tell the story”, but more and more of us are being asked to get numbers from the stories. Step 1 is getting the stories you need.

Step 2 is breaking down the sentiment parts Rob Pascale, President and Chief Analytics Officer at MAi Research, and James Cameron, Director of Creative Insights at MAi Research join Kim Larson of Luminoso to go over the essentials of understanding sentiment, in part one of this multi-part series.

In this episode, we covered:

    • The role Luminoso Daylight plays in sentiment analysis
    • How to calculate concept level polarization and net sentiment with your sentiment data
    • Plotting the concept-level sentiment data to evaluate the KPIs of your text


  • 0:00 Introductions
  • 3:00 Getting Storyful data
  • 4:05 Vocabulary: Polarization and Net Sentiment
  • 4:30 Graphing Polarization and Net Sentiment: Setting the axes
  • 5:44 Graphing Polarization
  • 6:32 Graphing Net Sentiment
  • 7:39 Example Data: No Man’s Sky Steam review themes in Daylight’s Galaxy feature
  • 9:11 Example Data: No Man’s Sky themes in Daylight’s Concept Sentiment feature
  • 9:57 Identifying interesting concepts for sentiment analysis
  • 13:39 Plotting No Man’s Sky themes on the Pathfinder sentiment chart
  • 21:00 General concepts on the sentiment chart
  • 25:28 Pathfinder’s Interactive Concept Cloud for No Man’s Sky

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