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Super Bowl LV is this Sunday: What’s Your Team Doing this Year?


This coming Sunday at 6:30PM ET, the Super Bowl with the lowest attendance ever will take place. The official attendance for Super Bowl LV will be 25,000 fans, along with 30,000 dimensional cutouts, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.  Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, hosting its third Super Bowl on Sunday, would normally seat 65,890 fans.

Super Bowl Sunday also represents a day for families and friends everywhere to gather to celebrate the game, have fun, and share time together – which will also be significantly different for most of us this year.

Rather than conduct a survey using a random and representative sample, we decided to check in with the MAi team and see what they would usually be planning vs. what they’ve got planned this weekend.  And we’d love to hear what your team is doing, too – reply in the comments and let us know!

Most of the MAi team would typically be spending this time with a small group of friends – usually with some traditions involved:

 “We usually have about 10 people over…poker game before the Super Bowl.  Lots of food and fun.  Many crazy bets going on besides just the boxes, that at times it takes a few minutes to even figure out what the outcome of all the bets are.”

“Most years, we just have a few friends over, hoping for some good plays, and mostly watching our Super Bowl squares. Since I run the pool, I’m always checking to see who is winning what.”

“I always watch the game.  Some years, it’s a group of us with lots of unhealthy food and beer.  Other years, it’s just family.  The most memorable was with my kids when David Tyree’s catch from Eli Manning blew up the Patriot’s undefeated season!”

When it comes to this year, with COVID-19 protocols in full effect, most are opting for a family only experience with digital check-ins with their usual crowds.

“At home, just my husband and myself watching the game. But many texts and calls will be going on with the usual crowd.  Nowhere as much food…so at least the diet won’t take a big hit!”

“Super Bowl Sunday this year I will not be rejecting any invites to super bowl parties… because I haven’t been invited to any Super Bowl parties. I am hoping this is due to the pandemic and not related to any behavior I may have exhibited at past events.  Also, my intake of food and drink will be diminished since I do not go to the gym yet during the pandemic to work off the meal.”

“This year I’m bummed the Packers didn’t make it, but I’ll still watch the game.  I’ll be sending snarky group texts with my dad and brother about the Buccaneers throughout the game, for sure.”

Whether your team is in, out, or you would rather watch the Puppy Bowl, we hope you have a Super weekend!

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