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Welcome to Marketing Analysts


MAi Research rolls out its rebranding, and we discuss with Managing Partner, Robert Clark the reason for the rebranding and how it will affect current and future clients.

Why is MAi Research rebranding to Marketing Analysts?


Mai research old logo and Marketing analysts new logo


We align ourselves, personally, and professionally, with brands whose values are consistent with our own. MAi Research has been a successful brand because our values and actions align with those of business executives who value confident, fact-based decision support, and guidance.

Our firm has grown consistently over the last 40 years because the clients we serve continue to trust and value our firm’s ability to design and execute high-quality research to support their success and that of their stakeholders. We get to know what our clients need to succeed and deliver the same.

We are seeing an evolution in the market insights ecosystem where the buyer of today connects with suppliers in a different way. People are tired of hearing pitches and being shown decks. People are turned off when companies say, “we do everything.”

People want to be heard. Our firm invests in making a sincere and authentic effort to understand how we can best support our clients’ success.

The rebranding of our firm is intended to remind the marketplace of our core values and why they matter to mutually beneficial and successful long-term business and personal relationships.  Contemporizing our brand is not a way to leave our past behind. It is intended to remind the marketplace that we are committed to working with our clients in this evolving marketplace. We are taking a successful 40-year-old brand and bringing it into the 21st century.

Marketing Analysts’ Core Values



Sincerity is a foundational core value of any successful business or personal relationship.  Once you have earned the trust that sincerity requires, you can start having a different level of communication. Then, instead of a sales/buyer relationship, you have the opportunity to provide counsel/guidance which people value at a much higher level. We build our business on that connection.


Authenticity (being true to who you are) goes hand-in-hand with sincerity (being true to others).  Business and life have changed. So much of both seems questionable at times. Marketing Analysts and our clients know who we are, and who we are not.  Being authentic enables us to “walk the walk’ confidently and credibly each day, consistently and scrupulously. The real thing, the authentic thing is what resonates with people.

A lot of companies provide data and insights, but we go a step further and take what we do and integrate it into our clients’ communication streams. We earn the right to work with clients in this manner because the trust that we have gained is based on our sincerity and authenticity. We try to make it easy for our clients to retell the story of our research.


Throughout our history, we have focused on creating a diverse team of professionals. Each person’s voice is heard and considered at all levels of our organization. For an organization to have a strong culture, one of which clients want to work with and employees want to be a part of, leadership has to lead by example and set the tone. Our leadership team values Family, Fitness, and Faith, which aligns with the values of the rest of our team. Time away from business is vital to the sustainability of our culture. We insist that our team steps away, so they bring their best selves to themselves, our team, and our clients.


Leadership is about encouraging people to want to work together to succeed. In order to do this, authenticity, sincerity, and culture must be achieved first, none of which can happen without listening.

I believe in my heart that people who care about each other at the workplace and want to continue to build that culture, will give you their best work. You get people who want to stick around, people who want to develop with the company, and people who care about going the extra inch or mile.

I think we’ve succeeded in building a great workplace culture, during covid, nonetheless.

What should clients know about you, Bob?

A big part of what I want to do is personalize the company. I want our people to be more accessible.

For me, it’s family, faith, and fitness. These are my values. Family comes first. I’ve got 3 kids who are now grown and out of the house; one in Boston, one in Maryland, and one here in Jersey. And my golden doodle, Cooper of course.

I’m very faith-oriented, and I’m very active in my church. I believe in God and why we’re here.

Mental and physical fitness are both very important to me.  I’m an avid runner. I’ve run the NYC marathon, the top 10% for my age group, and I’ve run 10 half marathons. I’m very competitive.

You can reach Bob, Managing Partner of Marketing Analysts, previously MAi Research, by setting up a meeting below. Just check what dates and times are available on his calendar and pick a time to talk with him directly.


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