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Check out the key takeaways below, and download the full report for more insights:Enthusiasm over a physical return to work has abated.

MAi September Monthly Recap

September went by in a flash and Q4 is upon us! Here is a recap of our weekly blogs this month and what MAi has been up to!

Fall Market TrendsFall Returns with Student Loan Reimbursement

This coming month, people will be starting to apply for student loan reimbursement. A lot of people will be getting relief on their student loans which may impact holiday spending this year. Keeping tabs on your product and how it will be affected by this development will help your brand market towards the right people this year.

Man Searching WebHarvesting Better Insights by Mining Your Existing Data

 Data mining is examining all or part of your database to uncover insights that would otherwise remain hidden. Utilizing this tool can determine which factors impact actual purchasing behavior vs. purchase intent and optimize future data collection efforts. Don’t miss out on the insights hiding within your own data.

Image outlining goals for product testing with experience, questionnaire design, and analysisAre You Choosing the Right Partner for Your Product Testing

Product testing is an intricate process that can provide a great return on investment with accurate and actionable insights, if done correctly. Our firm uses a combination of penalty/reward analysis, driver pathways, sensation, and our Text ScienceTM to analyze data returned from product testing. MAi Research has spent the last four decades ensuring our product testing is done carefully and reveals accurate and predictive insights. Let us show you how!

Diverse Population ImageInclusivity: Beyond Gen Pop

The world is begging to adapt – to become more inclusive. The market research industry is one that can help continue educating companies on how to improve their brand by being more inclusive.  MAi Research is taking steps to further inclusivity and diversity within our research. We believe that anyone in the target demographic who can potentially use a product should be considered within the research.

Diverse group of girls applying make up5 Industries Prioritizing Inclusivity and 1 You May Never Have Guessed!

Industries are making strides in becoming more inclusive although it may look different for each industry. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity are more than just HR programs and companies are taking it more seriously. The efforts are well found but the push is not over. Companies and industries will need to continue to evolve over time to be inclusive. Inclusivity isn’t a one time change, but an effort that evolves over time — a culture that is built within a company.

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